• …and codes that break my heart. Anyway.

    *entire movie available on request

    Living, scrolling, absorbing information together, we watched one another’s nervous and cognitive systems dissolving into hyper-reality. Stimulated by it, we all go through psychotic episodes while sitting in the armchair.

    A visual representation of the mind of a new-activism generation, who in order to fight for their rights, loses their sanity from time to time, blaming themselves for their lack of adequate resistance systems – although only highly specialized experts may have access to that. Hitting a wall of powerlessness, we rationalize our frailties by giving away logic. The (in) visibility of large power tycoons appearing on our screens daily, clashes in our minds with an unimaginably strong need to regain our freedom and bring back justice.

    A cycle that forces us to surrender logic and the sense of reality is an effect of the mutual experience of helplessness.
    Together with Amy Muhoro.

    2020, 00:06:36