• where all problems end /mupedzanhamo

    Every day, the sorting of clothes across Europe processes hundreds of thousands of tons of unwanted textiles. Overproduction strengthens charity foundations which, through redistribution, transform them into new capital. Unaware fashion consumers, getting rid of excess clothing are convinced of the purpose and importance of apparent recycling. In fact, the supply significantly exceeds demand. In the common belief, the global south is still a viable market. However, clothing sent from the rich north destroys the basics of the textile industry in many countries of Latin America and Africa. Excess and false belief about the deliberate action of Western societies can be seen in the descriptive language by which local communities define our apparent altruism.

    Ghana: „obroni wawu” (clothes of the dead white man)

    Zambia: „salaula” (‚selecting from a bale by rummaging)

    Nigeria: „okirika” (bend down boutique)

    Zimbabwe: „mupedzanhamo” (where all problems end)

    Kenya: „kafa ulaya” (clothes of the dead whites)

    2018, 4 big format photographs, video 16:9 00:09:45