• Finest Dust

    Feminist movements in Poland struggle with adverse politics since the very beginning of their history. The strength of the resistance comes both from the strong discontent with the continuation of patriarchal society and from the forcefulness of women. The video, tells the story of the energy potential of a woman, whose fight and struggle have met far more obstacles than awards. Yet, the force still has to be strong.

    ” The woman tells her story through sweat. The text recounts the story of dusty ashes, of a dormant element, which threatens to erupt and flares deep underneath. It was created in cooperation with a literary critic and women’s rights activist, Katarzyna Bratkowska, who appears in the video – her story is intertwined with the story of a seamstress created. „
    text by Romuald Demidenko

    2019, 00:02:19